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The Life'S Events franchise was designed to extend our passion and expertise in wedding planning beyond our original boundaries. By developing our agencies, we want above all to create a real family. Each agency shares our vision, while bringing its personal touch to the company. Together, we cultivate a spirit of collaboration, mutual aid and sharing, strengthening our bonds.

The dna of Life'S Events

At Life'S Events, each agency operates independently, but remains closely linked to the values and philosophy of our brand. We emphasize mutual support and collaboration, allowing each member to benefit from the experience and knowledge of others.


This family dynamic is at the heart of our model, where collaboration and mutual support propel each member towards success.

Franchises Life'S Events



Access to recognized know-how in the organization of weddings and events.

Time saving

Benefit from our proven processes and systems that maximize efficiency.


Take advantage of Life'S Events' reputation to establish yourself in the market.


Join a dynamic network of like-minded professionals.

Brand image

Partner with a respected brand that values quality and professionalism.


Receive ongoing, personalized support to grow your business.


By joining our family, you will not only benefit from a recognized and respected brand in the industry, but also from ongoing support and rewarding collaboration with like-minded experts.

At Life'S Events, we value innovation, excellence and knowledge sharing . Our onboarding process is designed to fully immerse you in our culture and methods, ensuring that each franchisee can not only succeed but also contribute to the overall success of our brand. Follow our structured training and development pathway to turn your passion for events into a successful business.

If you are dedicated to creating unforgettable moments for your clients and eager to grow within a close-knit community, Life'S Events offers you the framework, tools and network to achieve and exceed your goals. Find out how you can embark on this exciting and rewarding adventure by becoming a full member of the Life'S Events family

Immersion training

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The first step to becoming a Life'S Events franchisee is to participate in our Immersion Training. This training is crucial to immerse yourself in the world of wedding planning according to Life'S Events standards. During an intensive week, you will learn the fundamentals of the profession, from project management to scenography, while adopting our unique and personalized approach to weddings.

Training aims :

  • Understand the processes of planning and executing a wedding.

  • Master the tools and techniques used at Life'S Events.

  • Become familiar with our brand culture and values.

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