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Go back 14 years

It all started in 2010, when the profession of Wedding Planner was not yet known in France.

Transforming the wedding is what Sandie PARADIS wanted, without knowing that Life’S Events would become a reference in the wedding field, all over the world.


Life’S Events was the first agency to bring the secular ceremony to weddings. It was a new way of uniting without going through the Church box, all orchestrated by an officiant.

The same year, we wanted to bring the world of the bride and groom to life through personalized decoration.


In 2012, Life'S Events revolutionized wedding planning by introducing graphic personalization for future brides and grooms, with the creation of personalized logos and their variation on invitations. This innovation allowed guests to be immediately immersed in the unique world of each couple, marking our position as pioneers in offering bespoke stationery services to the wedding industry.


In 2013, Life'S Events also launched into the organization of corporate events. Company anniversaries, product launches, tailor-made B-to-B events, we are capable of everything and above all the best.

This same year, we brought a new look to the wedding dress.


2014 was a pivotal year for Life'S Events with the opening of our first wedding dress showroom. This important step not only expanded our service offering but also led to the opening of our first offices.


In 2016, our founder made the bold decision to settle in Paris. This step symbolized not only a new personal adventure but also the ambitious expansion of our agency. Paris, with its timeless charm and romantic ambiance, has provided fertile ground for innovation and inspiration in the art of wedding planning.


In 2017, Life'S Events, under the direction of Sandie PARADIS, reached a significant milestone in helping professionals enrich their wedding offerings. That year, Sandie was also chosen as the official wedding planner for Cercle Le Brun, a prestigious collaboration that lasted five years. This period marked our company with its commitment to excellence and the creation of memorable weddings, consolidating our reputation in the industry.


On February 22 and 23, 2019, the Wedding'Up Store opened its doors, making a dream come true for years. The first of its kind in Paris, this wedding concept store brought together exclusive brands like Clarins, Bellinger, and Maison du Chocolat, inaugurating the city's first high-end wedding fair.

The year 2019 also celebrates the marriage of Manon and Julien Tanti, two public figures known in the world of reality TV.


In 2020, faced with the pandemic, Life'S Events took the opportunity to focus its efforts on the training project started in 2019, while developing a new strategy for the brand. This period allowed for introspection and reinvention, laying the foundations for an enriched educational offering and a renewed strategic direction, marking a key stage in our evolution and adaptation to market changes.


Her love for teaching does not stop there since in 2021, Sandie becomes a lecturer at ESCCOM, the business school in which she herself completed her studies.


Event'S Class has successfully launched its first training sessions, marking an important milestone in the evolution of Life'S Events. This year also saw the development of the brand's first franchises, demonstrating the growing expansion and recognition of our expertise in the field of wedding planning and events.


In 2023, Life'S Events took a revolutionary step by introducing the first 100% free online training courses dedicated to the world of weddings. This pioneering initiative reflects our commitment to sharing our know-how and making education accessible to all those passionate about wedding planning, thus affirming our role as an innovative leader in the sector.


Life'S Events is entering a key year focused on expansion, with the development of two new franchises and the organization of several immersion training sessions. This strategy underlines our desire to grow and diversify our presence, while providing enriching learning opportunities for those who aspire to excel in the field of wedding planning and events.

Our values

​Our vision goes beyond event planning. We believe in the importance of every detail, every emotion, and every moment. Our mission is to create experiences that transcend expectations, capturing the very essence of your relationship to reflect it in every element of your marriage.

Our philosophy

​At Life’S Events, we believe in personalization. Every wedding is a blank canvas where we paint with the colors of your love. We take special care to understand your desires, capture your style, and create a day that reflects your personality.

Our engagement

​Our commitment to excellence is evident in every detail. From floral decoration to D-Day coordination, we ensure that your wedding is not only carefree, but also a celebration that exceeds your expectations.

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