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Parisian region

In the heart of the City of Lights, our Paris agency embodies elegance and refinement. Located in an emblematic district, it is the cradle of our creativity and innovation. Our Parisian team, made up of passionate and dedicated experts, excels in creating weddings that combine tradition and modernity, in the most prestigious locations in the capital. Each project is a new adventure where we implement our unique know-how to realize the most daring dreams.

French Riviera

In Cannes, famous for its festival and its glamour, our agency brings a touch of Mediterranean magic to the events we organize. Located near the Croisette, our Cannes agency specializing in luxury weddings and events offers unique expertise in organizing in sumptuous settings, facing the sea. Our professionals use their in-depth knowledge of the region to create moments unforgettable, combining the charm of the French Riviera with impeccable execution.


Our agency in Nantes, the gateway to the magnificent region of Brittany, is renowned for its personalized approach and its ability to create weddings that reflect the essence and character of each couple. Nestled in the heart of the city, it draws on the cultural richness and exceptional heritage of the region to offer unique celebrations, imbued with romance and authenticity. The Nantes team, with its keen eye for detail and passion for innovation, works closely with couples to transform their visions into dazzling realities.

Basque Coast

Located in the charming town of Biarritz, our Life'S Events agency benefits from an exceptional setting, ideal for elegant and memorable weddings. With its privileged access to magnificent beaches and breathtaking ocean vistas, our team in Biarritz are experts in creating events that make the most of the natural beauty and romantic atmosphere of the region. At Life'S Events Biarritz, we are committed to personalizing every detail to reflect the style and desires of our clients, using local riches to deliver unique and personalized celebrations.



Life'S Events is proud to accompany you to these dream destinations to celebrate your union.

Whether you choose the wild nature of Corsica, the exoticism of Marrakech, the festive atmosphere of Ibiza, or the historic romance of Rome, our team is dedicated to making your wedding unforgettable. Each destination becomes the scene of a unique celebration, as magnificent and exceptional as your love.

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