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​Event’S Class offers comprehensive training programs, delivered by seasoned industry professionals. From core courses to advanced programs, we offer an immersive learning experience, combining theory and practice to best prepare you for a successful career in events.

How did we get there?

With our years of experience, we have chosen to pass on our knowledge, our methodologies and above all our vision of the profession to you in order to best support you in your projects.

Whether you are looking to progress in your career or change professional paths, the objective of this training is to acquire knowledge, know-how and interpersonal skills in the world of wedding entrepreneurship.



The job of Wedding Planner, or wedding organizer, consists of supporting the future bride and groom in the design, organization, and coordination of their D-day.


The true conductor of the event, the Wedding Planner listens, suggests, plans, and coordinates all the service providers and details that will make the wedding a unique and personalized moment.


Its mission is to relieve the bride and groom of all the constraints linked to the organization of their wedding, thus allowing them to fully experience their commitment and their celebration.


14 years

of experiences


of success


professional integration


The trainer

Sandie PARADIS is the creative soul of Life'S Events, where her talent and passion for wedding planning translate into tailor-made and unforgettable events. Sandie has established a reputation at the agency in Wedding Planning, through her meticulous attention to detail. Beyond her role as Wedding Planner, she also transmits her wealth of knowledge through Event'S Class, thus training future event talents. Sandie embodies devotion and creativity, making her a true inspiration in the field.


Active and immersive teaching

A unique experience awaits you with complete scenarios. This immersion offers you the valuable opportunity to put your knowledge into practice, interact with real service providers, and organize an event based on a specific theme, effectively preparing you for the professional world.

Innovation and creativity

We encourage our students to push the limits of their creativity, incorporating the latest trends and technologies into their wedding projects.

Educational materials

To best equip you, we provide you with a range of essential tools - customer and service provider appointment sheets, contracts, quotes, purchase orders, retro-schedules, and checklists, allowing you to navigate with ease in the world of 'event planning.


Each course, combining theory and practice and delivered face-to-face, is also provided in PDF format, ensuring continuous and easy access to your learning material.


At the end of your training, you will be given a certificate of achievement, symbolizing not only the completion of your journey but also your preparation to excel as a Wedding Planner.

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